Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

"Despite all the wishing in the world, you can never be anyone other than who you are. Mimicking others will not help. Instead, find the trails and pathways in your own character, and follow them - persistently, relentlessly, fearlessly - beyond what you've accepted as 'reasonable boundaries'. You are not limited by your own abilities - rather, you have not begun to explore yourself. The space in your soul is an untapped wilderness; look to the horizon! Go beyond the places you've always known. It's not who you are which is extraordinary - it's how far into your own uniqueness you're prepared to travel."

Welcome to 2011. May this year see a fuller exploration of who we are, a more fearless quest into our own abilities, and a stronger embrace of our commitment to this world and our belief that we can make a difference,

Yours with unshaken faith,

K.E. Stapylton

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