Monday, March 14, 2011

Vote for Dapple!

Marcia Leeder Photography is having a photography competition for dogs and their female-only owners. Given that I own one of the worlds most gorgeous canines, who happens to be a deaf rescue dog, I decided to enter.

The competition is through Facebook only and here's the link:

If you log onto FB and go to this page, it will firstly ask you to allow the app. Click 'allow' (this takes about 2 seconds), and it will then take you straight to Dapple's voting page. You have to scroll down an inch or two to see her large photo (and mine - sheesh!) and to the right of that is a green button which says 'Vote Now'. Click on that, and it will turn automatically into 'I Voted'. If it doesn't switch to 'I Voted', hit it again!

Voters can vote once every 24 hour period; ie if you vote at 10am, you can't vote again till 10:01am the next day. A full 24 hours has to pass!

It's a great prize, but will in fact cost the winner a lot of money as transport and accommodation are *not* part of the prize and will need to be paid for by the owner. But this is an opportunity for me to shine one small spotlight on the precious dogs that are abandoned in such appalling numbers, and the rescue organizations that take them in.

Please vote for Dapple! She's a wonderful little dog, and she deserves her 15 minutes of fame. Thanks everybody,

Yours humbly,

K.E. Stapylton

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